We have a free enterprise system that has been hijacked by the 20%ers

We have a free enterprise system that has been hijacked by the 20%ers

The checks and balances put in place over the years to protect the citizenry which put a lid on business excesses have been watered down, set aside or are not enforced by the House of Commons and Queen’s Park. There are many laws which are being ignored by business or are not being enforced by the governments. None of this activity is being mentioned by the media. We the people only find out after the fact that the barn has burned down and get no advanced warning nor a straight explanation afterwards. As stated before you have to begin to cast your vote intelligently. Never mind party labels or promises. Vote for the candidate who will look you in the eye and look after YOUR INTERESTS.

And if you are a follower of the old line media in Canada know they are telling you nothing but LIES ON EVERY ISSUE of importance to your life. If you believe what you read or hear in the paid media you are also in La La Land along with the Republicans / Reformers / rabid right and the 20%ers. Just where they want you to be. You my friend, are ripe for the plucking.


Mabs and I were invited to go on a Caribbean cruise by her kids aboard the Norwegian Pearl. The ship holds 2200 passengers and more than 1000 crew. The accommodations, food, view, programing, customer service and friendly staff went a few notches above what you can see in the Company’s brochures and internet information. The experience would have been more than satisfying if the info provided bespoke the cruise. But how often do you get ice cream on top, covered with chocolate sauce and a cherry to boot. I said to Mabs, the trip was pure magic. We flew to Miami, spent a day, boarded the Pearl the next day, cruised 7 days, visited Jamaica, Cayman Islands and Mexico, returned to Miami, drove to Fort Myers and camped out in a gated community on the Gulf Coast for 4 days.

This setting down of short term roots allowed me to buy the New York Times and the Wall St. Journal each day. It is interesting to compare US papers to Canadian newspapers. There is still spin in favour of the evil trio [ political class / business class / media ]. In this Country we are faced with two dominate industries, nuclear and oil / nat. Nuclear was and is promoted by the Federal Government [ 1945 to – ]. And embraced by Ontario even unto our economic death. In terms of the media here these entities and the Harper Oil party own it, particularly the press. Anyone selling different energy options [ different than the major players above ], no matter how cheap, Green and /or beneficial an alternative for us serfs we can’t get a look see at any of them in the media.


Oil / nat

In America there are many more players in energy and finance so each one has the money and clout to muscle their way into the media. In terms of these players those represented are oil, fracked oil, tar sands, nat. In Canada those who employ our politicians [ the nukies / oilies ] enjoy monopolies in electricity, gasoline / diesel and nat. And the media knows their sweet spot. Serving the politicos / monopolies and means their advertising cheque arrives regularly. Take the part of the underclass, expose greed / criminal behaviour and the ad cheques stop coming to them [ paper, TV station and / or individual writyers / commentators ]. In the USA the electrical field is dominated by nuclear, coal, wind and solar.

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