The fresh new Mennonites had been quite difficult operating, liked order, led sober lives and you can aided each other

The fresh new Mennonites had been quite difficult operating, liked order, led sober lives and you can aided each other

During the time, the latest lands was higher abandoned steppes. In order to accept and you will nurture him or her, the government regarding Catherine II greet international colonists. They were primarily Germans. A considerable part of him or her was in fact this new Mennonites regarding Prussia and Danzig.

In the 1786, Prince Potemkin taken to Germany his signed up member R. Trappe so you’re able to “hire colonists on the fresh new Russian region.” The initial Mennonite family members settled on area out of Khortytsya from inside the the newest system of one’s Dnipro, about Tauride state on Molochna River (current Melitopol and you can Berdyansk districts), Yekaterinoslav province (today Dnipropetrovsk).

Deacons assisted at the baptism additionally the Lord’s Supper

It religious direction try created in XVI century regarding the Netherlands because of the a former Catholic priest Menno Simons. Despite extreme distinctions into particular activities of one’s doctrine, most Mennonites follow the fresh pre-Dordrecht confession, that was finally invented in the an event kept in the 1632 from inside the the Dutch city of Dordrecht (Dort). Millennialism – a conviction regarding forthcoming facilities of millennial Kingdom regarding Goodness on earth is common to the Mennonites.

The brand new Mennonite baptism is carried out during the a mindful many years when a body is capable of making their own decision. As well as, the fresh new baptism isn’t felt an excellent sacrament, although rite become did (for the majority teams because of the raining) for people at the ages out of twelve to help you 18 ages. New Mennonites behavior the fresh Lord’s Meal (communion because they’re entitled). Meanwhile, this new Mennonites don’t rely on the actual visibility regarding Goodness Christ throughout the Eucharist. Another Mennonite rite was common laundry out-of feet. Revealing fraternal kisses is even thought a mandatory service.

Very Mennonites won’t enter to help you armed forces and you may civil provider, do not offer oaths on account of religious beliefs. For the conventional Mennonite church communities, the newest excommunication to own sin was applied. Believers would be to wear simple attire, and lady defense their brains on worship. Most of the Mennonites care for strict church discipline, disapprove of marriages having people in almost every other faiths.

So you can encourage immigrants to create under cultivation uninhabited steppes of your Southern area, Catherine II provided her or him a lot of positives: perpetual liberty regarding recruiting obligation, income tax exemption to own a decade, 65 acres off land to each and every family, five hundred rubles for take a trip as well as the acquisition of information towards design and also for the purchase of agricultural inventory. In turn, the fresh new Mennonites was required to bring accommodations and you can carts to own soldiers passing as a result of the community, keep in a good resolve paths and you can links.

The newest Mennonites settlers centered twenty seven colonies. The biggest of those is actually Halbshtadt (now Molochansk). In the first place there had been on the 250 parents. In 1809, these were entered by almost every other 600 Protestant family.

A beneficial Mennonite community is actually added because of the religious chief (pastor). His requirements was in fact: preaching, pastoral care of souls, esteem away from people participants, church discipline, spiritual knowledge, brand new Lord’s Supper solution and you may ordination of your own chose in order to suffice town parents and you will deacons.

Zero ceremonial ordination was held to possess preachers: throughout the solemn ambiance an effective presbyter depicted these to town and said a good prayer. Preachers was involved with brand new chapel facts of your own elder: it given marriage ceremonies, funerals, however, don’t baptize and you may suffice this new Lord’s Lunch. These people were accountable for chapel property, provided assist with the indegent and you can organized the latest charity provider.

Attribute away from Mennonites was privacy and you can a want to end get in touch with on external world

Even though the pastor, deacons and you may preachers handled the community, their highest expert was still the brand new fraternal council you to provided all the male community professionals. They set the problems regarding excommunication and you may received the latest penitent, decided on elders, preachers and you can deacons because of the wonders vote, guilty of the latest knowledge and exercise from chapel life of the most choose. Each and every people try completely separate.

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