No closet full of some proprietary product that no one wants any more

No closet full of some proprietary product that no one wants any more

In the end, what I like most about STE is the fact that its is almost impossible not to make your money back. There is no buyer’s remorse. The only people that cancel are people that read negative stuff on the web and panic ( which mostly comes from other MLM’s freaking out as their people flock to STE – STE is so much easier). These people would probably never been any good anyway. Even if you refer no one, never recieve the $100 referral fees and never score $550. It’s only $448 with a $119 renewal fee. Any decent on-line shopper should be able to make $567 in cash back in 2 years.

I have put my initial effort in and now I hope my business will pay dividends

In fact I know many stories of people who didn’t shop on line much at all, and STE got them more into on-line shopping – this opened a whole new world for these people and they claim they saved $100’s by just getting better deals not offered at the brick and mortar stores. There are also so many “personal growth” stories about people coming out of their shell and speaking in front of a group or making money for themselves etc.

It’s a shame that these blogs can prevent these nice developments. MLMis not for everyone, I was so convinced it wasn’t for me . . . but with the web and the “virtual mall” product, this is a breeze AND FUN!

What is so wrong with this model?

Excuse me? When have I ever stated that I would provide proof of “groups” that were profitable? What does that even mean? What groups? I can provide proof that my business is profitable after just one month, but I have never claimed to give proof of anything other than my own example. Like every business out there, restaurant, clothing store, or McDonalds, this business requires effort to make it successful. Some people just are not ready to make that level of commitment and fizzle out. I have seen them in my own personal recruits, people that say they sent out an email to all their friends and they got no reply so they are giving up. What can you say to that? You try to guide them, I’ve offered to help speak on their behalf to help explain what it is we do, but in the end you are not going to be handed a diamond. You get out of it what you put into it and if an email is the best you can muster, then perhaps this is not the business for you.

I have personally referred five people, I do not need to refer more than two but I wanted to jumpstart my business. After one month I am profitable. Everything after today is additional income to me. Is this so bad? If it’s $25, $50, or $1000.. Does it enrich the original creators? I believe it does.. Go start a McDonalds and pay $50k (or whatever it is) just for the name. Is this fair? Of course it is, McDonalds created a business model and I must pay a fee to be a part of it. This is business 101 people.. I just bought a duplex, I had to plop down $39k to buy it.. I expect it will give me aprox $400 a month profit. I made $1250 since I started with STE and didn’t have to plop down $40k.. Is this not a viable little side business? In my eyes it is, and I would be happy to answer any questions people have about the BUSINESS MODEL, and I will answer them honestly because STE is not perfect and there are things I like and do not like about it, but to me, the pros far out weigh the cons. Do they out weigh them for you? That is for you to decide..

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