His mission in Iraq was in taters and he knew it

His mission in Iraq was in taters and he knew it

George Bush Jr. But he blew his own horn anyway. Presidents can create their own reality don’t you know, as can Prime Ministers. So maybe we should give poor Mark a break, he’s at the bottom of the right wing tottem pole. If the Chief Executive can pronounce wrongly on the future maybe Bonokoski can get a-get-out-of-jail-free-card to allow him to avoid adult sanctions in this case. For after all he is still a juvenile in his brain and will remain so for all time.

I responded in writing to Phil as well as the other papers and commented that I thought newspapers existed to inform the public

ROYSON JAMES – Defended Daniel Dale, the poorly paid / unpaid Toronto Star cub reporter who was prowling around Mayor Ford’s house after dark supposedly taking pictures with his cell phone. Pictures? At 8 pm in the evening? On a cell phone for Canada’s major newspaper? James described Dale’s actions as snooping and defended the boy. I now question Royson’s judgement but mabe getting a pay cheque is more important than making sense. Apparently Daniel gets to sit with the grown up reporters although he has only been at the Paper a year. Apprentice plumbers spend 3 years before they reach Journeyman status. In a real business Dale would still be pushing a broom and fetching coffee. Rob Prichard, former CEO left the Star $ 500 million in debt and it is impossible for Honderich to make good on the money he owes.

The Star has lost 95% of its’ value and is virtually worthless. Its’ advertising revenues and circulation are dropping and nobody is interested in buying the paper. Time to close shop John Honderich. In the meantime the Star is taking the results of Prichard’s gross mismanagement out on the staff. Rob got $ 9 million for screwing up. The kids like Dale get stiffed. John Cruikshank, Publisher [ an American ], has outsourced 200 editorial jobs to India so that explains the continuous mistakes. A Yankee publisher, an Englishman as an Editor and 200 Indians writing editorial copy for Canadians / Torontonians doesn’t sound like a good business plan to me and it isn’t. Recently the Star and Globe decided to pool distibution duties to make ends meet.

The outcome of this blunder was that the conventional media owned by the right wing just airbrushed the banner out of the photo and their stands Bush, nothing behind him

The Globe is laying off staff and asking people to take unpaid time off. Phil Crawley is asking his people to forego pay to help save his Paper. Wouldn’t telling the truth be cheaper? He said that the layoffs were only temporary because the good times are coming back. In a pig’s eye the swell times are coming back. Crawley made a speech to one of the Toronto business clubs some time ago. You know where the suits put their heads together and try to figure out the next scam to separate hard working Canadians from their money. Crawley said it was his job to run the Globe in such a way as to provided business owners with the maximum number of eye online payday loans Washington balls.

Covering the news truthfully is a long way from trying to just agitate readers by featuring the like of Margaret Wente. I don’t think she has OPC, I just think Marg is none too bright. I preached back then that telling the truth was a sure method of attracting and holding readership. But since that time the papers I get Star, Globe, Post and the Sun have deteriorated into mere propaganda bulletin boards for advertisers and the Liberals, PC and the federal Fascist party. There is nothing in these papers remotely connected with real life in Canada, just misinformation from those who pay the papers. I only get one thing from these publications. When there is an issue like the Keystone pipe line it is easy to see where the oilies / movers and takers are taking us next.

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