Another thing on the millennials, Ferdinand Marcos, the principal character of the story, is long gone

Another thing on the millennials, Ferdinand Marcos, the principal character of the story, is long gone

My take on that is, millennials are really not that oblivious of the past. They know the history and they are aware of the villains it’s just that they’re in a quandary to be put as the judge to declare whether we should move on with or without the Marcoses. When one is unsure one tends to go to the safe side. Hence, we hear justification that the son has nothing to do with the sins of the father. Why is he being accused of something he did not do? That since Macoy did a lot of good things for the country why will they condemned the son who is not even involved in the management of the country back then?

The struggle, I guess, continues because the ghost of tyranny continues to lurk down the streets, in the boondocks and everywhere where it can find refuge and survive

Aside from people having short memories, they also tend to compartmentalize responsibilities and accountability. Macoy was president for more than 20 years and in those years he was able to satisfy a large number of the population even if the majority really wants him out of office. And then, there was the EDSA revolution which has not been purely an opposition creation. It was participated in, actually led, by people who were solidly identified with Marcos. People who were in the higher ups of government, the ones who helped Marcos implement and carry out the martial law to further prolong his stay in power. In other words, it was a revolution with lots of impurities. Given that scenario, the retribution and dispensation of justice got hijacked. We never saw anyone rot to jail because of the abuses under martial law. No one, as far as I know, got a life because of graft and corruption. Even the killer of Ninoy Aquino has never been firmly established!

Was the ouster of Marcos justified? YES. He stayed too long in power, thus, everything bad that happens in his watch is his responsibility. He deserved whatever it is that could have been the retribution of his misdeeds. But the sad thing was, the man died avoiding the long arms the law. He evaded justice just like how he desecrated it while he was in power

We can all ignore these possibilities but it is out there. It’s real and BBM knew he’s in a good place having those bits of reality in his favor.

So, what now? Ours is an unfinished project. We had it in our hands in 1986 and, in fact, we were able to wrest the lever of power and bring back democracy in the country only to find out years later that we are slowly sliding back down to that dark corner of history where we emerged from.

And the millennials, caught in the middle, will have to find out in real time if their decision will be a blessing or a curse, will they favor the good over the bad?

At present, BBM, as a presidential contender, is seen as a blessing by the loyalists and supporters and a curse by the opposition because the fight between good and evil continues to rage.

How many windmills are there really in the Philippines? I know these in the ad are the ones in Ilocos. Over here in California its widely known that these wind power generators are more tax shelters for energy companies than actual power generator, in a sense they are subsidized by the gov’t. I think with all the green energy stuff, solar is what’s being taken seriously here, not so much wind.

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